Pass the Camelbert

Last week in Doha, I connected to a group of camel cheese fanatics. They tried to smuggle some in from Syria for me to taste, but Syria is on the rocks. Instead, the camel fanatics gave me a copy of their new book, a wee camel-cheese treatise that makes me want to get my hands […]

The Cheeses of Doha

Last week, I went in search of camel cheese. In Doha, a desert city that rises out of the Persian Gulf like a mini Manhattan, I tasted camel (it tasted like lamb). I also rode a camel (wildly bumpy). But I did not get to the teat. Instead, I eyed Appenzeller, peered studiously at some […]

We Made The New York Times

Back in 2011, I wrote my first post about Mike Geno, an artist in my neighborhood who wanted to paint cheese. I agreed to introduce him to some glorious wedges, and since then we have spent many afternoons “cheese browsing” at local shops around Philadelphia. We even co-hosted a private show and tasting for readers […]

In Search of Camel Cheese

Dear Readers, Tonight I am off to Doha in search of something elusive. Doha? It’s the capital of Qatar — a comma of a country in the Middle East — where the first TEDxSummit will take place, and yours truly has wangled a seat. For this honor, I have Cheddar to thank. Earlier this year, […]

Behind the Scenes at 9th Street

Last week’s highlight: a tour of Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street with my friend Mike Geno. Here he is looking in the window of this Italian Market shop. His quest? To find new cheeses to paint. My quest: to climb out on the roof for some high-noon sun. We did just that with cheesemonger […]