Mike Geno Goes to ACS

Maybe you remember this mug? Maybe you’ve seen lush portraits of cheese gracing the pages of Culture Magazine or the New York Times? This is Mike Geno, a cheese painter in my neighborhood who has taken the world by storm. In the next few months, you’ll read about him in Cooking Light and Esquire (the Spanish version), but before […]

A Trip to Bobolink

Sunday is a good day for a cheese tour, and this past week I had the good fortune of riding out to Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse in Milford, New Jersey with my painter friend Mike Geno. The occasion: a chance spin in Geno’s new Honda. It is a car funded by cheese portraits. More on […]

Remembering Daphne Zepos

For the past two weeks, the cheese world has been grieving. You may not see it from the outside, but on the inside – behind cheese counters everywhere – there are invisible violins playing Greek rhapsodies. They play for Daphne Zepos, a cheese doyenne who died of cancer on July 3, 2012. Two years ago, […]

How To Run A Photo Shoot

If things have been a little quiet here, it’s because I’ve been lost in props, linens, and piles of cheese. This past week, I spent three full days on the set for Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guide: Wedges, Pairings, Recipes, and More from Philadelphia’s House of Cheese. Yep, that’s the official title. Try saying it […]

Goat Cheese and Hibiscus Tea

It’s so bleeping hot in Philadelphia that there is only one thing to do: invent new pairings for goat cheese and iced tea while listening to Kishi Bashi. On July 4, I did just that. Musically, Kishi Bashi is frisky chevre on a cracker, and visually, this spiked hibiscus tea made with Rhuby is A.C. in […]