Cheese and Taxidermy

Little known secret: I have a wild affection for stuffed heads. Blame it on my Wisconsin heritage or my graduate degree in The Pretend (I have an M.F.A. in Fiction), but I am endlessly fascinated by preservation. Maybe this, this!, is the root of my cheese love. Could it be? I got to mull this very question […]

Kiwi Meets Goat Cheese

This week, I’m returning to an old favorite. Sea Smoke was one of the first Pennsylvania cheeses I fell hard for when I moved to Philadelphia seven years ago. Discovering it was a sign to me that the regional cheese scene was going to get interesting. No other cheese from the area had a streak […]

All About Evalon

Officially, August is National Goat Cheese Month, but let’s agree: we’re past campaigning for goat cheese acceptance. Back in the 1970s, when the first goat-cheese pioneers were emerging from their milking barns in coveralls, Americans found chèvre exotic. Today, you can find chèvre in scones, sandwiches, and soups—there’s even a new goat cheese and cherry […]

Talking Cheese Trends with Jeff Roberts

In 2007, Jeff Roberts compiled The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese, a book I often turn to when I plan to do some dairy hopping. Last week, I caught up with Roberts over the phone when I was in search of some cheese statistics. Fresh from the American Cheese Society Conference in Raleigh, he was […]

Wisconsin: Hidden Cabins, Heavenly Cheese

While the cheese world gathered at the largest dairy competition in Raleigh last week, I was on a ramble through Wisconsin with Frau Fromage. Every summer, my Swiss-born mother and I make tracks through our home state to sniff the dairy breeze (me) and birdwatch (she). Frau wears her binoculars, I carry my cooler, and […]