Ice Cream at The Franklin

I’m looking to get heavy. What I mean is, I am ready to binge on fall flavors: pumpkin, brown butter, baked apples, boozy cheeses wrapped in bark. Earlier this week, tea blogger Alexis Siemons had the brilliant idea to organize a spontaneous ice cream lunch. And if you think about it, ice cream for lunch […]

Three Cheeses for Fall

Post-Equinox, all I want are cheeses that are toothsome. Buh-bye, floaty orbs of mozzarella. Sayonara, fluffy ricotta. I want heft, muscle. Below, you’ll find my three go-to dairy cherries of the moment. They’re the kind of cheeses you can pile onto a board and nibble while you are cooking, or you can make them the […]

Cheese and…Coffee?

If you like cream in your coffee, there’s no reason you can’t pair cheese with a hot cuppa darkness. Over the weekend, I spent a morning with Stumptown‘s official bean queen, Jules Manoogian, and Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger Ian Peacock. They brewed, I chewed, and now I’m here to share a glimmer of your next […]

Cricket Creek Farm

Earlier this year, my friend Paul Lawler left his job as a city cheesemonger to become a cheesemaker in the middle of nowhere. And by nowhere I mean rural Massachusetts, on a farm in the Berkshires where pigs outnumber people and you can’t get any cell phone reception unless you climb up to a deck […]

The Desk Lunch 2.0

Going back to work after a lazy summer, or even a hectic summer, always brings me to the same dilemma: what to pack for lunch? I live at a desk most days, with a lovely little cheese cave beneath it, but on the rare occasion I don’t want Roquefort with pears at noon, there has […]