Full Nettle Jack

I feel like nettle cheese is the equivalent to receiving coal in one’s stocking. That’s not to say nettle cheese isn’t delicious, but spiky greens are an unusual thing to combine with dairy. Nettles sting, for one thing, and those who harvest them in fall have to work carefully to avoid brushing against their teensy […]

Washed Rind Season

By now, you have probably seen them at cheese counters: small, moonish orange wheels wrapped in balsa wood or bark. Glory is upon us, dear ones. Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and pumpkins; it’s the season of washed rind cheeses. If you haven’t planned Thursday’s cheese plate yet, get on the phone this instant and […]

Piacentinu with Saffron

Remember this: birds migrate in the fall, and so do great cheeses. The holiday season draws rare imports, and you can count on cheese shop shelves to be bountiful and bright. If you’re a caseophile, now is a great time to look to the sky and ask yourself, “What amazing cheese is in store for […]

Cheese and Chutney Spectacular

Last week I teamed up with two of my favorite bloggers, Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars and Jason Varney of Fussing with Forks, for a day of…well, let’s call it what it was: horse play. We wanted to share a cheese board together but also to collaborate on a special project — something we could give to […]

Meet Miss Cheesemonger

My goal for November is to give thanks to some of my fellow cheese bloggers. Reading up on their cheese lives always gives me insight into dairy cases on other coasts. Two weeks ago, I sat down for an East/West Skype chat with Miss Cheesemonger, a.k.a. Veronique Kherian, of San Francisco. Madame F. and Miss C. […]