Cheese Books of 2012

On the last day of the year, I drink coffee before a temple of books. I have gathered them before me to honor their authors. Not all of them wrote cheese books, but all of them speak to cheese — through recipes, pairing ideas, and even philosophies of retail. Because I spent most of 2012 […]

Somerdale Champagne Cheddar

Two weeks ago, a box of Cheddar and Champagne appeared on my stoop. Ordinarily, I would never put these flavors together, but who was I to turn away a complimentary shipment from Whole Foods? PR elves told me the chain was planning to debut this New-Years-ready pairing, and I was curious to sample the latest […]

Five Cheeses for the New Year

When I think back on the great nibbles of 2012, my taste buds lead me down the East Coast. For once, I’m not looking back on my Wisconsin heritage with doe eyes, and that’s because so many great artisan cheeses are popping up here in Pennsylvania and in nearby states like New York and Massachusetts. […]

A Blue Cheese Christmas

It’s December, and all I want to do is build little shrines. Some people hang stockings, others fret over roasts. Around Casa Fromage, all we do this time of year is build cheese boards. Each shelf of the fridge is a city of Bethlehem built from condiments. The crisper drawers don’t contain any apples or […]

Di Bruno Bros. Book Cover

Today it finally feels official. Some sneaky elves over at Eater and Meal Ticket let the Di Bruno Bros. book news out of the bag. Not that it’s been any secret to you. We’ve been on this road together a long time. Some of you even helped me conjure adjectives on Facebook over the summer […]