A Blue Cheese Christmas

It’s December, and all I want to do is build little shrines. Some people hang stockings, others fret over roasts. Around Casa Fromage, all we do this time of year is build cheese boards. Each shelf of the fridge is a city of Bethlehem built from condiments. The crisper drawers don’t contain any apples or veg, just cheeses wrapped like oddly shaped gifts.

When an impromptu Blue Christmas Party was convened last night among The Roqueforti, it was no trouble to pop a Gorg Dolce in my handbag and head out the door. The only hold-up was choosing the right biscuits: ginger thins? And then dragging the cherry jam out of the chutney suburbia.

Fret not, we found our cherries and rocketed down to South Philly in a flash, Monsieur and I, sporting our ugliest sweaters and a pocket full of cheese knives.

The Blue Cheese Brit was there, fresh from Di Bruno Bros., with his finest selections: Cremificato Verde Capra (his goaty steady) and a new blue I couldn’t remember meeting: Blue del Moncensio, a raw cow Italian job that made me think vaguely of Roquefort. Luxe and savory, it had a strong vegetal taste, with a finish of seaweed. Think: briny greens.

Our board cut a nice swath across the blue cheese spectrum, and here’s why:

  • Cremificato Verde Capra was light and lemony. Each bite was like an orchard in spring.
  • Blue del Moncensio was big and briny with a loose, crumbly richness that one could imagine slathering on steak.
  • Gorgonzola Dolce was dessert — thick as ice cream, melty, and cherry-sweet (photo below).

If you ever want to eat blue cheese for dinner, this would be an excellent menu. Three courses. Three completely different tastes and textures. Grab your closest bezzie mates, and set up your side board with some fine drinks.

Pairings: We sipped lemon-spiked vodka tonics with Verde Capra (refreshing), nipped off a heavyset red for Moncensio (highly appropriate), and made ourselves sick with joy when we popped open a chocolate stout with the Mauri Gorgonzola (mind-bending).

And this, gentle creatures, is why I long to build a shrine to blues. Happy holidays, whatever wedge you are eating!

Psst…what wedges are you eating, by the way?



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2 Responses to “A Blue Cheese Christmas”
  1. mike geno says:

    Nice way to kick off a cheese holiday. My fridge is poised to release some stacks of cheeses for my own xmas party. Ive got a ton of Beehive’s Seahive cheese, some Clochette goat cheese appropriately bell shaped for the holiday and a fragrant wedge of Figgy Blue from Birchrun Hills Farm. Happy Holidays Cheese world that I LOVE!

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