Cheese and Chutney Spectacular

Last week I teamed up with two of my favorite bloggers, Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars and Jason Varney of Fussing with Forks, for a day of…well, let’s call it what it was: horse play. We wanted to share a cheese board together but also to collaborate on a special project — something we could give to you for the holidays.

The photograph above was taken with my iphone, but leave it to Jason Varney to capture this visual feast with his professional lens. Here’s what this same cheese board turned into when he and his wife Sarah laid it out in a 4-page magazine spread:

You can download the PDF here. Scroll through it and check out my three favorite holiday cheeses, paired with two of Marisa’s recipes: Persimmon Chutney and Pickled Shallot Jam. They’re beautiful, simple, and so lovely with all three of the cheeses featured here. Add a few staples — some cured meat, bread — and you’ve got a Thanksgiving feast. Or at least a good fireside snack.

A big thanks to my friends at Di Bruno Bros. for supplying these stunning wedges and for five years of inspiration. Our forthcoming book Di Bruno Bros House of Cheese: A Guide to Recipes, Wedges and Pairings was photographed by Jason Varney, Philadelphia’s lead lens on all things gustatory.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I feel wildly grateful to my collaborators:

Thank you, readers, for sticking by me. May your dairy dreams be bold!


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  1. Jill says:

    Beautiful spread!

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