After Hours at Di Bruno Bros.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stick around Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street for an after hours party. It’s what the store likes to call “a private shopping experience” – a chance for customers to linger around the olive bins, eating pairings that cheesemongers dream up.

There were rolls of Kobe roast beef wrapped around truffle cream, followed by artisan goat cheese drizzled with chestnut honey. Along the way, guests nibbled antipasti while a pair of cheesemongers whipped up salami ravioli and sliced into their favorite off-the-menu sandwich – a hoagie that cures for three days in the fridge.

Here’s why this was such an amazing night: it was a chance to graze around the store, tasting things I usually overlook. And it was a chance for Rocco Rainone and Zeke Ferguson, two cheesemongers who love to cook, to show off what they call “snacks from the mind’s mouth.”  To continue reading, please click here.

Disclosure: This post is part of a bimonthly series I write for Di Bruno Bros. This local retailer pays me to write posts for their blog, and I pop a teaser onto my own blog. This is how I pay for my excessive dairy habits.


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  1. I am always walking the dog through the Market and seeing these gatherings… and feeling completely envious! Everyone always looks like they’re having so much fun– and eating so much CHEESE!

    What a great idea of Di Bruno Bros. I really love how community-minded they are.

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