Behold, Lonzino!

Deadline Diary, Day 5: Last night, I left my writing desk for two bites and a sip. I showered, put on a dress, and shambled over to Di Bruno Bros. for a tasting of three local staples: Birchrun Hills Farm Cheese, Tired Hands Beer, and North Mountain Pastures Charcuterie. I went for the cheese and beer, but I left whispering Lonzino, Lonzino, Lonzino. 

And this morning? I am still thinking about Lonzino. It’s air-cured pork loin, but this was unlike any air-cured pork loin I’ve ever eaten. Brooks Miller makes it from his own organic heritage pork at his farm just outside Harrisburg, and you can taste his vision in every silky sheet. I don’t usually get excited about charcuterie the way I get silly for cheese, but this cured meat was drop-your-fork fantastic. I want Lonzino on everything.

And so the day begins. I’m thinking about people who do amazing things, like Brooks, who left his engineering degree to become a pig farmer. With some rented land, a few hogs, and a Kickstarter campaign, he is now a pork visionary.

More delight: Brooks’ wife Anna (a harpist) has begun to make goat cheese. You can bet I am interested in that shiny chevre. To read more about their farm, check out Operation Gastronomia, a blog by North Mountain intern and lady butcher Heather Marold Thomason.

Lonzino, lady butchers, harpist chevre — I’m pretty much on track to dream away the day.

Photos from last night’s tasting are right here on flickr. 

Birchrun's Sue Miller and North Mountain's Brooks Miller, w/ Richard Morillo & Rob Sidor

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  1. Fabulous observations as always, MF! We’re in love with North Mountain Pastures as well!

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