Boyfriend’s Spicy Cheese Plate

Dear Pepper Jack Lovers, let me bend your ear. I know that you get the fever this time of year – when the Crock-Pot comes out, you want your game-day dairy hotness. I’m only going to tell you this once: there are 3 spicy condiments that you can pair with sharp cheese, and they’re way better than pepperjack. Yeah, go ahead and breathe. It’s hard to hear.

My beef with pepper jack is this: you can’t taste the cheese. It’s like chewing spicy gum. If you want to enjoy cheese and spice together, the two should compliment each other. Teamwork, folks.

So here’s my solution: pick up your favorite hunk of sharp Cheddar or Provolone, and grab some apple-pepper jelly, Basque pepper honey, and spicy cured sausage.  To continue reading, please visit the Di Bruno blog.


Disclosure: This post is part of a freelance series I writer for Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia. Although I choose the topics, I am paid for my posts — it’s how I fund my obsession.

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