Cheese and…Coffee?

If you like cream in your coffee, there’s no reason you can’t pair cheese with a hot cuppa darkness. Over the weekend, I spent a morning with Stumptown‘s official bean queen, Jules Manoogian, and Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger Ian Peacock. They brewed, I chewed, and now I’m here to share a glimmer of your next brunch divine.

Read the post over on the Di Bruno blog, and let me know what you think — the pairing that Jules and Ian came up with was a revelation for me. The Dutch drink coffee with aged Gouda, which makes sense (aged Gouda is very sweet), but pairing a sharp, earthy Vermont Cheddar with a sweetly vibrant cup of craft brew? That was new. That was wildly, wonderfully new. And silly delicious. My tongue is still somersaulting. I can still feel the buzz.

Jules Manoogian (Stumptown Coffee) with Ian Peacock (Di Bruno Bros.)

Note: Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street in Philadelphia samples cheese and coffee every Saturday from 9 a.m. – noon as part of their new Breakfast Club. Each Saturday features a different roaster.

Full Disclosure: I am a freelance writer for Di Bruno Bros. I post to their blog twice a month and feature it here, too. I choose the subject matter, and they pay me. This is how I support my dairy habit.

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