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Today it finally feels official. Some sneaky elves over at Eater and Meal Ticket let the Di Bruno Bros. book news out of the bag. Not that it’s been any secret to you. We’ve been on this road together a long time. Some of you even helped me conjure adjectives on Facebook over the summer when I needed to purge my vocabulary of the word “creamy.” (I had reached the chapter on triple cremes and was starting to wilt.)

In sweaty July, I made my deadline. Five brisk months later, and we’ve got a beautiful cover (please note: this is not yet the final version). And, lo, a blurb from Anthony Bourdain. The book is now so much more than I imagined.

The Story

When I submitted a proposal for this project back in summer of 2010, I envisioned a little ol’ cheese guide — paperback, no photos. Humdy ho. Then the book got accepted by Running Press in January 2011, and I put up a bulletin board in my third-floor cheese command center and started laying out the chapters. My life, when I wasn’t teaching, was all about sniffing, tasting, researching, and scrambling to describe 170 cheeses. Every week or two, I met with my Di Bruno Bros. brain trust — Hunter Fike, Emilio Mignucci, and Ezekial Ferguson — to talk pairings.

We wanted readers to pick up this book and fall in love with cheese. We knew love was about pairings. So, we lighted on the idea of a “matchmaking guide” — which is how I began to think of this project: as a kama sutra of dairy.

Then along came photographer Jason Varney. He spent three long days making our beauties look sumptuous. I love the look that he chose with the help of food stylist Carrie Purcell. They rented special linens and cutting boards from a prop house in New York so that the book would have a warm, come-into-my-sauna look.

Over at Running Press, Josh McDonnell picked through fonts and hand-drew the lettering on the cover. He happens to like washed rind cheese, so we have become friends. Our editor Kristen Green Wiewora has been a champion, pouring over typos and shuttling the manuscript between proofreaders. She likes triple cremes — I’ve been trying to keep her fridge at work stocked.

In May 2013, we’ll unleash this puppy. And then we’ll feast, won’t we?

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A big thanks to everyone at Di Bruno Bros. who has been involved in this project. We’ve been blogging together for almost two years and teaching one another so much about dairy and diction. I couldn’t have asked for lovelier, livelier collaborators.

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