In Search of Camel Cheese

Dear Readers,

Tonight I am off to Doha in search of something elusive. Doha? It’s the capital of Qatar — a comma of a country in the Middle East — where the first TEDxSummit will take place, and yours truly has wangled a seat. For this honor, I have Cheddar to thank. Earlier this year, I passed out 260 cubes of Mary Quickes Traditional Cheddar to an unsuspecting crowd at Chedd-X, my TED talk on the Saint Joseph’s University campus. I like to think this was the first-ever TED tasting, and, darlings, I hope it won’t be the last.

As you can see, I am packing an excellent disguise. Those Islamic socks, once a gag gift from a friend, are suddenly looking very necessary. In Qatar, dames don’t show knees, or shoulders for that matter, unless you want to be treated “like Mae West,” as I was told by a former correspondent for the Washington Post. Being a fan of Mae West, I have mixed feelings about this.

Nonetheless, I have a rather singular goal in Qatar. I want to try some¬†camel cheese, or at the very least, some camel’s milk.

Camel's Milk, photo by Sebastian Lindstrom

A Camel’s Milk Search Team has been assembled. In a bit of star-crossed synchronicity, a reader (yes, one of you) who is filming a documentary on camel’s milk happens to be part of the TEDxSummit film crew.¬†Sebastian Lindstrom, do give us a shout out!

One day, I dream of having you all over for a camel’s milk tasting. In the style of Mae West, it will be a rather rowdy affair (a camel’s milk vaudeville show?). To prepare, here is your amuse-bouche:

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