Mike Geno Goes to ACS


Maybe you remember this mug? Maybe you’ve seen lush portraits of cheese gracing the pages of Culture Magazine or the New York Times? This is Mike Geno, a cheese painter in my neighborhood who has taken the world by storm. In the next few months, you’ll read about him in Cooking Light and Esquire (the Spanish version), but before that, you can meet him next week in Raleigh, North Carolina at the American Cheese Society Conference 2013.

Mike has been commissioned to paint the top three showstoppers in the ACS Competition. He’ll also be selling prints on the floor of the trade room. For a preview of his work, check out Mike’s website. If you want a good podcast for the plane, download his recent interview on Heritage Radio’s The Food Seen. You can hear him discuss his love of bacon, his background as a meat cutter turned food artist, and the inspiration behind his first cheese painting.

Several years ago, I met Mike at the home of bloggers Messy and Picky here in Philadelphia. Back then, I had no idea that he would become a fromagical figure. Our friendship solidified (congealed?) over half a wheel of illegal Sally Jackson Renata that I ate and Mike painted, and we have been besties ever since. I couldn’t be happier to see him embraced by cheese lovers everywhere. His list of commissions over the last few months has been staggering.

If you’re headed to Raleigh, please give Mike a warm welcome. (Hint: he likes blues and washed rinds.) Here’s his recent rendition of Humboldt Fog, that ACS princess and Marilyn Monroe of goat cheeses. Good luck to everyone entering wheels into this year’s competition — may you take home an Oscar and a painting!

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6 Responses to “Mike Geno Goes to ACS”
  1. Jill says:

    So sorry I’ll miss seeing him at ACS. I want that Fog!

  2. Aimée says:

    Mike’s “Black Castello” hangs in my mom’s kitchen now – it literally looks good enough to eat. Don’t you think his paintings keep getting more and more gorgeous!?

  3. mike says:

    Thanks for the flatterly ladies! Im blushing. 🙂

  4. albert says:

    Ha, that was the first time you met him?! I somewhat randomly invited him without ever having met him before. Awesome to see both of your food-based careers blossom since!

  5. The Grovers says:

    It was great to meet Mike at ACS this year. We’re planning on making a few orders in the near future for Cypress Grove Chevre’s offices and creamery in Arcata.

    Speaking of Mike, I think its time we put a blog post up featuring his work!

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