Mozzarella Four Ways

At the height of summer, it’s hard to think about eating anything other than fresh tomatoes and light cheeses, like mozzarella. Luckily, great mozzarella is easy to come by in Philadelphia – Di Bruno Bros. makes it fresh daily, and you can buy it in any number of sizes, from baseball-shaped rounds to braided strands to tiny beads that are great for tossing into salads.

If you’re looking for a creative angle on fresh cheese, please check out my post on the Di Bruno Blog. Keep in mind that mozzarella is always best on the day it is made, so look for the freshest orbs you can find before embarking on one of these recipes.

Note: This is part of a freelance series I write for Di Bruno Bros., one of my favorite cheese haunts in Philadelphia. I get paid for this service, which is how I support my dairy habit.

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