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I love any scene with food and laptops. (This may be why I secretly like airports, especially Milwaukee where you can score a rocking chair and a bangin’ grilled cheese in the lobby). Needless to say, Saturday’s Techmunch conference in Philadelphia was my kind of place. I was stoked when my friend Marisa of offered me a pass. For all the people I orbit online, I rarely spend face time in their presence — oh, the sad fate of a digital dairy hermit!

Techmunch reminded me that Philly’s food blogger scene is not just thriving, it’s very welcoming. And diverse. And full of swell eclectics. I have attended creative writing conferences for years where everyone looks the same — greige and rumpled. At Techmuch, there were enough different hairstyles and body types to fill, well, a street photographer’s rolodex. Too bad Philly doesn’t have a Sartorialist.

Here’s who I found inspiring:

Phickle: Amanda Feifer, a regular face around the kitchen at Philly’s co-working hub, Indyhall, started this new blog devoted to all things fermentation. Three cheers for her post about making kefir sour cream.

Manifest Vegan: Allyson Kramer drew on her fine arts background to explain how she values blog design over monetization, and I must say, that was refreshing. If I had a dime for every time someone asks me about ads…

Whitney Hoffman: Kudos to this digital media guru who explained the finer points of Google Analytics to me in the bathroom. As an attorney, she had great insight into copyright, too. Check out her interview on Technorati.

Here’s a little gossip:

Zagat? Now owned by Google. The local office is reaching out to food bloggers in a big way to get them on Google+.

Messy and Picky? Philly’s pioneering power couple is back in the saddle after a long hiatus. Expect a new look for this detailed and beautifully photographed food blog that has been around since 2004. Michael Klein dished about a redesign. Also, 90 percent of the site’s traffic comes from people searching for restaurant news.

Facebook? No longer a blogger’s beloved. Their new policies on promoted posts are sending the culinary net set to Tumblr and Pinterest.

Big thanks to Babette Pepaj from BakeSpace and Wendy Kirby from La Phemme Phoodie for putting on Philly’s first ‘Munch. May there be more. 

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12 Responses to “Notes from Techmunch”
  1. I love that you chatted with Whitney about Google Analytics while in the bathroom. Too funny! Thanks so much for joining us. Loved having you there.

  2. Rich Pawlak says:

    Great observations, TD. TECHmunch was my 2nd group get-together with Philly’s food bloggeristas, and I thought the day was filled with passionate people finally getting to open themselves up off screen, slightly tentative, sometimes intense, but mostly, for me, very motivational. I don’t blog as much as I should, and a day like today revitalizes every blogging bone in my body.

  3. Chef Dennis says:

    I’m glad we had a chance to meet at techmunch, and that you had an opportunity to speak with the folks at Google, they Rock!! If I can be of any help at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, I do love G+!

  4. Erin says:

    Great roundup! I had to miss the conference at the last minute, so anything that I can take away from home is wonderful! Hope you had a great time!

  5. Great post, sounds like a really fun time! And thanks so much for introducing me to my newest Philly blog obsession, Phickle! I’m a sucker for lacto-fermentation, and Amanda is my new guru.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hey Tenaya!
    I also had a great time at TECHmunch and I really (I wish there were bolds, highlights and underlines available for that “really”) appreciate the link love! So nice!
    As always, it was great to see you!
    À bientôt.

    • tdarlington says:

      Amanda, I ate some of your fermented radish pickles from the Philly Food Swap. So pink, so crisp, so delicious. It was like biting into a William Carlos Williams poem.

  7. Yatesy says:

    I didn’t know about this and I’m really bummed 🙁

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