Piacentinu with Saffron

Remember this: birds migrate in the fall, and so do great cheeses. The holiday season draws rare imports, and you can count on cheese shop shelves to be bountiful and bright. If you’re a caseophile, now is a great time to look to the sky and ask yourself, “What amazing cheese is in store for me tonight?”

This week, I’ve been stuck on a Tanager-colored sheep cheese from Sicily that goes by the name of Piacentinu (pee-uh-CHEN-tin-oo). Its golden color drew me in from the cold to try a sample, and once I tasted the unexpected combination of saffron and peppercorn mixed into the milk, I was sold.

Piacentinu tops a deconstructed paella salad

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Disclaimer: This post is part of a series I writer for Di Bruno Bros., one of my favorite cheese haunts in Philadelphia. I’m paid for these posts, which is how I support my ridiculous dairy habit.

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  1. Awilda says:

    Sounds and looks delicious. I am lucky to have stumbled upon your blog!

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