Sugar and Dairy with Sara May

If you live in Philadelphia, and you want to get your dairy on, let me introduce you to Sara May, the pastry chef and ice cream maker at The Franklin Fountain. This week, my profile of her holiday vision — which includes all-local stocking stuffers and vegan hot fudge sundaes — appears in the online ┬ámagazine Flying Kite.
Sara is also a blogger (The Cozy Herbivore) with a veggie edge. Her latest recipes for Vegan Pho with Green Tea Broth and Persimmon Pudding with Bourbon Cherries are stunners.
I should mention that when I visited Sara for this story, she was recipe-testing sticky toffee pudding for a special sundae to celebrate the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.
Christmas Carol Crunch, as it’s called, is now available at The Franklin Fountain. Topped with rum-raisin ice cream, it’s a dream bomb. I know, because I ate it on ma birthday.

Note: if you stop into Franklin Fountain for a soda or sundae, you receive a discount at the sister store, Shane Confectionary, two doors down. Sara works the sugar cauldron in the second-floor kitchen above the candy counter. Look for her white hat and apron.
To read the full article about Sara May on Flying Kite, click here.

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2 Responses to “Sugar and Dairy with Sara May”
  1. Thank you for this lovely article and all of your kind words! And I had no idea it was your birthday when you stopped in for the Christmas Carol Crunch… I would have demanded that the shop sing for you!

  2. The actual guy in the picture says:

    I’m actually the guy in the picture and I’d like to clarify that I did not in fact post the previous comment with the shameless band plug and improper use of the word “frack”.

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