Highlights of the Year In Cheese

It was the year of Goudas.
Every time I turned around, I was nibbling a glorious Dutch treat. My favorites: Coolea, a Gouda from Ireland, and Evalon, a goat Gouda from Wisconsin.

It was the year of Twitter.
Making the Zagat list of foodies to follow was fun, but it was great to discover other cheese geeks like @curdwise, @CheeseboardUK, @cheesechick1, @kasekaiserina, @cheeseandpoetry, @ItsBrieBlog, @Timthecheeseman.

It was the year of the Cheesemonger.
Wherever I looked, the world of the professional cheese handler was getting props. I missed the second annual Cheesemonger Invitational, but I was happy to be at my first American Cheese Society conference, which launched the first ever Cheesemonger Certification Program.

It was the year of babies named after cheese.
Just ask Hunter Fike of Di Bruno Bros. (9th Street) about his son Jamie Montgomery as you nibble a hunk of Montgomery’s Cheddar. Hunter, might I suggest Strathdon Blue for a potential baby #2?

It was the year of cheese apps.
Pairing apps abound, but I am still looking for the perfect iphone app that allows me to snap a photo of cheese and record notes.

It was the year of aspiring young cheesemakers.
When will The New Yorker run its “30 Cheesemakers Under 30” story? Katie Hedrich of LaClare Farms in Chilton, WI made big news when she won the U.S. Championship Cheese title at the green age of 25. I’ve got my eye on Lindsay Klaunig, too.

What’s in store for 2012? Well, a newly designed site for Madame Fromage, plus a big bash that you’re invited to on Jan. 14. Keep your eyes posted for the invite to my Cheese Ball! I’m ready to celebrate three years of blogging in the land of Milk and Brotherly Love.

Dear readers, what are your highlights, cheese or otherwise?

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