We Made The New York Times

Back in 2011, I wrote my first post about Mike Geno, an artist in my neighborhood who wanted to paint cheese. I agreed to introduce him to some glorious wedges, and since then we have spent many afternoons “cheese browsing” at local shops around Philadelphia. We even co-hosted a private show and tasting for readers of this blog. Perhaps you were you there, nibbling a morsel of Hummingbird?

Fast forward to this week: our collaboration made it into Wednesday’s New York Times. The story, by Jeff Gordinier, is fantastic — he captures Mike’s work perfectly and details our cheese walks through the city, which often end at Di Bruno Bros. He also quotes Yours Truly, my proudest moment. Oh, glee!

“His paintings are seductions,” said Tenaya Darlington, 40, who blogs about cheese under the moniker Madame Fromage. “They make me want to reach out with a hunk of baguette and swipe the paint right off the canvas.”

Check out the all-cheese slide show of Mike’s work on The Times web site. As you’ll see, they are smashing and so enticing. When you look at them, you want to lick them. Or at least, you want to run to the nearest cheese counter and try something new, like a gooey spoonful of Strathdon Blue.

If you’re curious to follow this story, visit the recent post about Mike’s work on Bigthink.com. Blogger Bob Duggan puts Mike’s work into context:

When you look at a cheese, you see food—the stuff of life—decaying or gravitating to the stuff of death, and, yet, in another paradox, we can eat this “death” to sustain our life. I don’t know if these ideas come into Geno’s head when he’s painting them hungrily, but I think that they’re a valid, modern interpretation of an old genre updated for the age and land of Whole Foods and Epicurious.

— Bob Duggan, Bigthink.com

As you might imagine, Mike Geno has sold every painting in his studio. He is taking orders. Starving artists, take note. Paint cheese.

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  1. Marisa says:

    Oh! What fun news! Well done, you guys!

  2. Pietra says:

    I know you must have made the New York Times!! These blog posts that I have read so far are making my year.. Very beautiful and usable ideas

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