Cheesing in Botswana

Reporting in from Gaborone, Botswana: Within 24 hours of arrival, Madame Fromage found her fix. Here is Yours Truly in Woolworth’s — believe it! — before a vast selection of pre-packed dairy. Many of these are imports, obviously, but my mother (also a cheese sleuth) picked up some local Cheddar and cream cheese, both made […]

In Search of African Cheese

Lovely readers, I am headed to Africa for, you guessed it, a cheese safari. Some people travel to Botswana in search of elephants. I prefer the dairy angle. Rumor has it that artisan sub-saharan cheese exists. My home base will be Gaborone, the site of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall […]

Dairy Apprenticeships at Cricket Creek

If the phrase “whey shower” doesn’t turn you off and you like the idea of learning to make cheese for a year, check out the apprenticeship opportunity at Cricket Creek Farm near Williamstown, Massachusetts. I recommend the position because I visited the farm this summer and was struck by the beautiful vistas, the enchanting animals […]