Guava, Twitter, and Diner’s Journal

When I posted about pairing guava and cheddar, I never expected to get an email from Brazilian cheese blogger Renata Curzi. Renata let me know — in the kindest way — that pairing guava with cheese is old school. I’m just late to the game. Renata told me she had a surprise, and three days later […]

From Zingerman’s With Love

Last weekend, a pair of hobbits couriered some cheese from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Philadelphia in their luggage. The hobbits are a petit couple who, like mice, can eat their weight in cheese without gaining girth, and before coming to Philadelphia they scouted out the best shnibbles at Zingerman’s — thanks to some help from […]

The Book Is Here

Well, darlinks, here it is. I thought you should be the first to see it. Remember when I told you I was going to write a cheese guide? I pictured a tiny little moleskine without any photos. But look… This is one of my favorite pages. That’s Rogue River Blue, looking like cake. Jason Varney […]

Cheddar, Meet Guava

I love a cheese pairing that makes me fall out of my chair. This happens more often than you might think. In this story, I am falling out of my chair because I can’t believe I am spooning guava paste out of a plastic Goya tub and slathering it on cheddar. Not once, but many […]

What to Order at Murray’s Cheese Bar

If you live in New York City or you’re heading to New York City, you should have three things on your mind: Torus, Hudson Flower, and baked buffalo ricotta. They’re on the menu at Murray’s Cheese Bar, the new sit-down arm of the casual but decadent Murray’s Cheese Shop in Greenwich Village. I made a […]