Three Madison Book Events

Here’s my idea of paradise: all the people I adore in Philadelphia spend a long weekend in Wisconsin together tasting cheese. This week, I’m in paradise. I’m in Madison — my old stomping ground — for the American Cheese Society Conference, and it’s my chance to play Wisconsin hostess to my friends from Di Bruno […]

Visiting Allison Hooper

Before I went to Vermont, everyone and their brother told me I would luvvv it and never want to leave it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Everyone also said the same thing about Maine. But then I went to Vermont. And it was the fortune cookie fortune I always wanted…One day you will travel to the land […]

Win My Cheese Book

Maybe you remember: earlier this month I announced a wee giveaway that ends July 31, 2013 — well, actually, it’s a big giveaway. I have 48 copies of my cheese book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, to mail to lucky lovers in each of the contiguous 48 states. I’ve heard from Pennsylvania (hi, […]

Meet Me For Dinner in Wisconsin

Next week, I’m headed to the Dairy Oscars in Madison, Wisconsin — my old stomping grounds. If you’re going, too, let me know. I’ve planned a couple special events, including a 7-course cheese dinner on Thursday, August 1 at one of my favorite downtown restaurants Chef Francesco Mangano of Osteria Papavero chose seven hunks (mostly Italian) from my […]

Four Cheese Plates for a Heat Wave

Philadelphia is a ghost town – everyone’s at the shore or sitting indoors with ice packs in their armpits. Me? I’m just eating cheese plates. It’s mozzarella weather. Feta weather. Goat cheese and berries weather. If you’re working through the heat wave and looking for a dairy diversion, here are a few suggestions for eating […]