Truffle Tremor for Brunch

Call me old fashioned: on the weekends I still like to read The New York Times. A paper copy. When it lands on the stoop, I fly out of bed and down the stairs. If there is a whisper of cheese in the crisper, that comes out, too. Then it’s off to the patio for […]

Mission Dolores Class Pairings

Few things are more delightful than sharing cheese with friends, except maybe pairing cheese and beer with friends. And not just any beer. Wild’n crazy beer! You’re looking at Tuesday night, when I rolled into Mission Dolores, home to my old pal Scott Stubbs, to teach a Cheese and Beer 101 class. The S.S. Tubbs […]

A New Blue from Point Reyes

It’s been some time since I’ve caught you up with the Blue Cheese Brit. You’ve met him on this blog before — he’s a silver fox with a nose for blues. His Scottish heritage makes him decidedly Stilton-centric, though he’s got a weakness for Cremificato Verde Capra. When I need a second opinion — or […]

The Sixer List: Local Cheeses I Adore

Over at the blog Small Food, Mike Madaio gathers lists. He starts by asking food-industry folk from around Philadelphia to compile six of their favorite things (from the artisan food world). Then he posts their list as a sweet “sixer” on his blog. This week, Mike is running a sixer list of my favorite cheeses. […]

A Wisconsin Cheese Board

Lately, I’ve had a bug about dairy terroir. Wine people love to caterwaul on the subject of terroir – the taste of a place or region. But the concept of terroir in dairy tends to catch people off guard. Think about it, lovers: if grapes exude the flavor of their native soil, so must milk […]