A Trio of Ferments at Stoudt’s

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Stoudts are an enterprising family — at Stoudt’s Brewery and Wonderful Good Market, they make beer, bread, and cheese. Over the weekend, I joined cheesemaker Elizabeth Stoudt to pair these three ferments and lead a tasting class. The focus was on October flavors — it happened to the weekend of […]

Sheep Cheese with Chipotle Oil

Let me present this fall’s most recent condiment dilemma: chipotle oil. I know, I know, life is full of meatier concerns, but when I can’t solve the world’s problems I like to yank open a kitchen cabinet and work on my own little Pandora’s Box. Thus, yesterday’s puzzle: chipotle oil is hot and smoky, too […]

Little Darling, A Cheese For The Equinox

So Monsieur Fromage tells me that autumn begins today at 4:44 p.m. This gives me a chance to honor the equinox with an autumnal cheese that I have been meaning to tell you about for months. Eons ago, it arrived on my doorstep from Darlington, Wisconsin. The cheesemaker, who discovered that I share the same […]

Cheese Board Winners

Back in July, I decided to host a contest – I wanted to support readers from around the United States who are committed to exploring local cheese. So the folks at Di Bruno Bros. and I decided to offer a copy of our book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, to best “state cheese […]

Elderbritch and Two Classes in Lancaster

Elderbritch may be my new favorite name for a cheese — and my favorite PA Gouda of the moment. This sweet fall beauty is made by Elizabeth Stoudt, a Lancaster County cheesemaker who is part of the Stoudt’s Brewery family. The Stoudts are deeply into their ferment; they make beer, bread, and cheese. I was […]