I like to say I’ve never met a rind I didn’t like. If I’m at a party and I see people trimming off the edges off a Brie, I always want to tell them not to cut off the tastiest part – but usually I just snag the leftovers for myself and slip them into […]

Linden Dale Tomme Two ways

It’s rare to visit a cheese counter where you can taste a raw and a pasteurized version of the same cheese. At Lancaster Central Market a few weeks ago, Mary Mellinger allowed me to do this with her family’s Linden Dale Tomme. Fascinating. I have loved this tomme for a long time — ever since […]

Cheese at the Wedding

What’s lovelier than eating Gouda amid fall leaves? Don’t try to imagine anything sweeter, especially at a wedding. Where there is lace, there should be exquisitely crystalline cheese. Where there are groomsmen in skinny ties, there should be craft beer — preferrably from Brooklyn. Marry the two together, and you might as well throw a […]

Kale Pesto with Fiore Sardo

If you have grown weary of kale salad – the darling of so many food blogs this summer – allow me to propose a variation. As basil dwindles, consider lopping off kale and collards and blending them into pesto with a kick of smoky sheep’s milk cheese. Food blogger turned author Garrett McCord of Vanilla […]

Aged Gouda with Caramel

If any cheese embodies October, it’s aged Gouda. Its color mirrors the hues you see at farmers’ markets this time of year — in butternut squash, Indian corn, Bosc pears, cider. And no surprise: the roasty sweetness of aged Gouda, pairs well with autumn flavors. I love to serve it straight up with green apples, […]