Cheese Ball II: A Cave Raising

Cheese Ball II

Maybe you remember Cheese Ball 2012? Maybe you were there, circling the giant cheese board we built above a pool table where all of Philadelphia’s lacto-rati gathered to nibble and imbibe? It was the city’s greatest dairy potluck, a showcase of curd-driven love — attended by cheese lovers, cheese makers, cheesemongers, and even a few […]

Bark, Booze, and Flames

Artisan cheese began appearing in my dreams back when I worked for a newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, so it’s always a pleasure to write about dairy for The Inky (a.k.a. The Philadelphia Inquirer). Today I have a story on winter cheeses in the Food & Dining section, and I’m telling you because, honeys, I’m wildly excited […]

The Cheese and Tea Pairing Project

My friend Alexis Siemons of Teaspoons & Petals develops tea blends and hosts tastings around Philadelphia. When I met her, I was so curious about the possibility of pairing tea with cheese — think of the times when you’ve got a non-drinker at the table or you just don’t feel up to a glass of […]

A Gift Guide for the Cheese Traveler

This week, I’ve been working on a holiday cheese board for The Philadelphia Inquirer based around the them of “bark, booze, and flames.” Because I love themes (it must be my editorial mind), I can’t help but lean on a topical focus for this year’s gift guide. Since the travel bug has bitten my neck, […]

Madame Fromage Gift Set

Okay, cheese lover, how would you love to go away for the holidays with your very own cheese weekender bag, complete with a signed copy of Madame’s book and a notebook for your very own tasting notes? Or maybe you want to romance the blue-cheese heart of a loved one with this snazzy gift set? […]