A Cheese Board for Grid Magazine

Grid Cheese Board 2013

For the last several years, I’ve put together a holiday cheese sampler from the local area for Grid Magazine. This year’s board appears in the current issue,¬†and I’m just dazzled by the selection. Look at those rinds, kittens! Look at that leaf-wrapped tuffet! Back in 2005 when I moved to Philadelphia from Wisconsin, the cheese scene was a sad landscape.

Now, eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey are churning out some luxe cats. Here’s what we’ve got on this cheese rink, moving counter-clockwise from the top of the board:


Sheep Camembert (Roundtop Farm, PA)

This zazen cushion of sheep cheese is such a find. It caught my eye at Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market, and I could hardly wait to get it home and slather it on homemade grahams with Tait Farm Fig & Olive Relish (also from PA) — what a lush trifecta.


Perlitta (Valley Shepherd Creamery)

This creamiscle-colored lover is trying to be a Gouda — not convinced, but we can pretend it’s a young one even though it looks like a Cheshire in drag. With Victory Dirtwolf IPA, it’s a dream.


Red Goat (Valley Shepherd Creamery, NJ)

I love a rubbed rind. This firm goat cheese coated in paprika has nutty hotness — it’s terrific with fig or date cake and a little sherry. I nabbed it at the Valley Shepherd stand in Reading Terminal.


Gooseynight (Cranberry Creek Farm, PA)

Take a little round of goat cheese, wrap it in boozy fig leaves. That’s what cheesemaker Paul Lawler did when he invented this gorgeous bunting at Cranberry Creek. It’s ripe and runny inside.


Blue Suede Moo (Keswick Creamery, PA)

I am a sucker for the woosh of licorice I taste in this cheese. You’ll find a hint of pepper, sometimes a hint of chocolate. I love to stuff BSM into dates.


To read the full dish on these cheeses, check out Grid Magazine. It’s on stands around Philadelphia this month.


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5 Responses to “A Cheese Board for Grid Magazine”
  1. Allison says:

    So great to see NJ creameries getting some love! Thanks for highlighting these local cheeses!

    • tdarlington says:

      Happy to love on those New Jersey cheeses — they’re pretty stellar. And people think that NJ doesn’t have any cheesemakers!

  2. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the cheese board you’ve served this on. Where did you get this platter?

    • tdarlington says:

      Merci, Sarah. I picked it up at an imports store in Philadelphia — alas, I can’t remember the name! I’ve seen a few like it on etsy. If you live in Philadelphia, let me know and I’ll look closely at the name on the sign next time I walk by the place (on 2nd or 3rd Street, above Market).

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