A Second Workshop in Puglia

Messors Dinner by the Sea

Back in October, I posted about my upcoming Live Cultures Workshop in Puglia, Italy — and, darlings, what a pleasure to receive so many registrations! The trip filled in less than a month, which has prompted a second Live Cultures Workshop from June 1-8. It’s the same basic itinerary and same exact price, but there’s one little bonus.

Our host at Messors — the fabulous Tonio Creanza, pictured below — is so excited that “all of these cheese lovers from the States” are coming that he asked me about doing a 2-day extension to Pompeii with a cheese stop or two along the way. The Pompeii extension will run from June 8-10, and it will be led by Tonio and a local archaeologist who will lead us through the ancient city and tell us about its food culture, its chefs. At the end of the tour, we’ll do a tasting of volcanic wine. Smashing, I say!

Tonio before a fresco

Tonio Creanza, Our Host at Messors

If you’d like to go on this glorious June junket, you can read up on the itinerary and send me an email (tenayadarlington@gmail.com) to arrange to make a deposit. I have 4 spots that are still open.

Puglia Workshop Details, June 1-8 

June Itinerary 

Trip Logistics (cost, lodging, etc.)

Who else is participating in these workshops? Cheesemakers, cheesemongers, bloggers, self-professed cheese fanatics, culinary dreamers, and a few who just want to enjoy learning about a new food culture over cheese, wine, and bread. Some folks are undertaking their first voyage to Europe (I’m so delighted to have them), and some are experienced travelers. Some are singles, others come in a two-pack.

My colleague, Aimee Knight, and I are thrilled to have such a great mix of travelers. We’ve both taught classes in Italy (travel writing, food writing), but we’ve never been able to create an itinerary around a working farm. When we’re not working or blogging these days, we’re swooning over ideas, recipes, and photos like these. Let us know if you can join us…

Bedroom at Messors

A Room at Messors (Photo Credit: Tonio Creanza)

Messors outdoors

Messors in the Afternoon (Photo Credit: Tonio Creanza)

Dinner at Messors

Dinner at Messors with Past Participants (Photo Credit: Tonio Creanza)

Cheesemaking Messors

Cheese Making at Messors (Photo Credit: Tonio Creanza)

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