Aged Gouda with Caramel

Gouda Caramel Pairing

If any cheese embodies October, it’s aged Gouda. Its color mirrors the hues you see at farmers’ markets this time of year — in butternut squash, Indian corn, Bosc pears, cider.

And no surprise: the roasty sweetness of aged Gouda, pairs well with autumn flavors. I love to serve it straight up with green apples, salted almonds and soft caramel. For a dessert cheese board or as a starter before a harvest supper, this combination looks lovely on a plate. It also makes people bleat. It really does, I have heard them.

L’Amuse Gouda from Holland stands out for its highly crystallized texture – those crispy bits are achieved by aging the cheese at higher temperatures and humidity levels than other Goudas on the market. To read the rest of this post, click here

Note: This post is part of a freelance series I write for Di Bruno Bros., the largest cheese counter in Philadelphia. I like to give you a teaser here, but you’ll have to visit their page to read the full dealio.


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