Bark, Booze, and Flames

Tomme, Rush Creek, Grand Marnier Coupe

Artisan cheese began appearing in my dreams back when I worked for a newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, so it’s always a pleasure to write about dairy for The Inky (a.k.a. The Philadelphia Inquirer). Today I have a story on winter cheeses in the Food & Dining section, and I’m telling you because, honeys, I’m wildly excited about this year’s seasonal selection.

You can read my article on — but be prepared. You may start panting.

These cheeses are fierce. They’re circus performers who juggle bark, booze, and flames.

Pick a hunk from each category — a bark-wrapped disk, a boozey floozy, and a torched charmer — and you will become misty-eyed, glitter-infected, swoony. Together, all of these cheeses are my campfire.

Who needs a piney wood when you can have spruce-wrapped Rush Creek Reserve?

Rush Creek

Who needs a hot toddy or a hip flask when you can have Grande Marnier Coupe, a booze-infused Brie?

Grand Marnier Coupe

Who needs a fireplace when you have Tomme Brulée?

Tomme Brulee

What’s a holiday cheese board if not a dream of the place where you’d like to be? My city self cajoles its country self through wild and exuberant dairy.


Happy holidays, everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for news of Cheese Ball II! It’s happening on January 18, 2014. Save the date!



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