Before and After Raw Robiola

Robiola from Lombardy

Italy Dairy: I’ve been back from Italy for more than a month now. But I still wake to the taste of raw Robiola. You see, on my last day in Milan I decided to pick a single cheese and eat it for breakfast. Of course, I wanted something pillow-like.

And I needed it to be young and raw — a combination that is illegal in the United States.

Because I love gooey, pungent bunnies I settled on a Robiola. In the States, I buy a pasteurized import called Robiola Due Latte (two milks) and it has never done me wrong. It’s boxy (square-shaped) and reliable, much like a Toyota Camry.

On the morning of May 26, I tasted my first raw-milk Robiola. Will life ever be the same?

The answer is no.

The texture of my raw-milk Robiola can only be described as cloud-like. The pasteurized version is definitely more gummy.

The taste? Like raw peanuts and fresh grass. The pasteurized version is much less nuanced.

Raw Robiola notes

Notes from my cheese journal

Now, I realize that I am comparing apples and orangutans here: my raw Italian Robiola was made from three milks, not two, and it was selected by a cheesemonger at a premier aging cave an hour north of Milan. So, it was perfect. It was the Ferrari of Robiolas.

But how does one go back to driving a Camry after one has enjoyed a much wilder ride?

One doesn’t go back. No, she doesn’t. She has but two options:

  1. Fly Raw Milk Airlines right back to Europe.
  2. Attend raw-milk cheese rallies in the United States and hope to meet a swarthy Italian cheese smuggler.

I plan to do a little of both. There are two upcoming national events that attract all the brightest birds in the industry: The Cheesemonger Invitational and the American Cheese Society Conference. If you’re curious to get an inside whiff of cheese prizefighters and raw-milk politics, these are the places to be. Perhaps I’ll see you there?


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5 Responses to “Before and After Raw Robiola”
  1. Chris J says:

    Yah, we ain’t gonna see this anytime soon, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy robiola de bosina, pasteurized alas, but still tasty. We sell this at our store in Berkeley.

  2. Rocco says:

    “Madame F”,
    No not the CM from 9th Street, simply his papa. I’ve read the “Italian Journal with much interest since I will leave very soon for a long trip to Italy. Gelato in Bologna and now Robiola on Milano! Grazie!

  3. Davide says:

    Thank you for your reportage, it is very interesting. I just write to underline that for the US market we sell the “Three Milks Robiola” pasteurized.
    Thank you ciao, hope to see you at our caves when you will come to Italy!

    • tdarlington says:

      Davide, thanks for the comment! Congrats on your award for the Three Milks Robiola at the Fancy Food show. I was so excited to see it in the SOFI case!

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