Brewer’s Plate 2013

On of my favorite Philadelphia events marries my two favorite things — I know, you’re thinking “cheese and beer.” Yes, you’d be right, but what I was going to say was: good cheese and good people. Brewer’s Plate pulls in cheesemakers, brewers, chefs, and artisan producers of all ilks from around Philly. They donate their offerings in support of a cause: Fair Food, an organization that has done so much to bring the farm to the table in this city.

I also go to Brewer’s Plate every year because it’s my one chance to see (stalk?) local cheesemakers — they’ll be there, muddy boots’n all, under one roof. Sure, I love the nibbles’n fizz, but I really just like to geek out on barn gossip. I like hearing about kidding season (just ask Al Renzi at Yellow Springs), and I like talking about sheep with Kristian Holbrook of Doe Run Dairy.

Those are his new baby robiolas in the photo above. They’ll make their debut with local jams and honey at the table run by the Fair Food Farmstand. Oh honey, don’t they just look like spring?

Tickets to Brewer’s Plate are available online. The event takes place Sunday March 10, 2013 at the National Constitution Center in downtown Philadelphia.  


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