Cheese and Cocktails, etc.

Pecorino Martini

Darlings, you know how I love to drink a martini with a few shards of Pecorino. If you’re contemplating weekend drinks, have a peek at my cheese and cocktail line-up over at The Savory. You’ll find hunks that love a good snuggle with rum, gin, and Champagne mixers. You can also find cocktail pairings in my book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of CheeseJust turn to page 186.

Since we’re talking cocktails, let me drop a couple olives on you:

Pssst…big news

Madame Fromage’s Traveling Cheese School is headed to Italy in May, 2014! Won’t you join me on a cheese odyssey to Messors? I’m teaming up with my colleague Aimee Knight to teach a digital storytelling workshop on a farm in Puglia. We’ll make cheese, bake bread, and chronicle our adventures. More info coming soon.


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