Dairy Apprenticeships at Cricket Creek

If the phrase “whey shower” doesn’t turn you off and you like the idea of learning to make cheese for a year, check out the apprenticeship opportunity at Cricket Creek Farm near Williamstown, Massachusetts. I recommend the position because I visited the farm this summer and was struck by the beautiful vistas, the enchanting animals (pigs, cows, barn cats), and the community of people who live on site, rollicking in a large yellow farm house at the base of the Berkshires.

Cricket Creek Farm is home to three wonderful cheeses that I have written about on this blog: Tobasi, Maggie’s Round, and Berkshire Bloom. My friend Paul Lawler runs the cave, and the lovely Suzy Conecky (pictured) oversees dairy production. This is a state-of-the-art facility that produces mostly raw milk cheese from cows that graze just feet from the make room. Nearby Williamstown, home to Williams College, is awesomely quirky. I can’t think of a better place to learn the art of farmstead cheese making.

Suzy Konecky making Tobasi

As you’ll see from the apprenticeship page on the Cricket Creek website, there are farm and creamery apprenticeships, and the positions come with room and board, plus a stipend. The farm also has an on-site bakery and farm store. Imagine waking to fresh bread, warm milk, and mountain air.

Applications are being accepted now for spring. Address inquiries to Suzy Konecky (suzy@cricketcreekfarm.com)



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