Clochette, My Pet

This spring, I’ve had a love affair with brainy goat cheeses. They appear this time of year – wrinkly, rumpled, as if they’ve just rolled out of bed – which may explain why I adore them for breakfast. Put on a pot of tea, grab the honey, pop in some toast, and prepare to be awakened with a rise-and-shiny little cheese.

Clochette is my current darling. Why set an alarm when you can wake to a bell-shaped French goat cheese? I swear, I fall asleep tipsy from joy at the very thought. To continue reading, please visit the Di Bruno Blog.

Disclosure: This teaser promotes a bimonthly post I write for Di Bruno Bros., one of my favorite cheese haunts in Philadelphia. I am paid for this as a freelancer, which is how I support my dairy obsession.


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