I like to say I’ve never met a rind I didn’t like. If I’m at a party and I see people trimming off the edges off a Brie, I always want to tell them not to cut off the tastiest part – but usually I just snag the leftovers for myself and slip them into my handbag (you can toast those Brie rinds later at home on baguette rounds, then add a drizzle of honey). Here’s what I want you to remember next time you confront a funky wheel: Cheese rinds are actually the most flavorful part of a cheese.

Should you eat every rind you meet?

To read the rest of this post, please click here. (Note: the ghostly little cheese pictured above is Coupole, from Vermont Creamery).


Disclosure: This teaser leads to a bimonthly column I write for Di Bruno Bros.  Although I select the topics, I’m paid for these posts, which is how I keep up with my obscene habit. 

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