Gelato University

Bathroom Door at Carpigiani

Italy Diary: At Carpigiani Gelato University, even the bathroom doors send a message: gelato is everywhere. If you have ever wanted to make gelato, explore its history, regard Soft Serve machines from every era, or read literary quotes about ice cream by Flaubert, well, you can do that here. In Bologna. At the factory that cranks out gelato machines.

Gelato ingredients

In the hallways, rising “gelato artisans” breeze through hallways in chef coats. In the museum just beyond the lobby, a display of antique boxes that once held gelato cones looks out of place against the white walls. The interior feels like an obstetrics ward. But of course, this is where new flavors of gelato are born.

Gelato museum guideCarpigiani Gelato Machine

Flavors like potato. And pine. That’s what we learn from Makoto, who trained here after working as a flavor developer for Disneyworld. Now she invents new kinds of gelato and offers hands-on lessons in making frozen desserts, stressing pure ingredients. No additives. “Artisan gelato,” should be made fresh every day with whole fruit, she tells us, bustling about with a bowl full of strawberries.

Makodo at Gelato Museumgelato cupGelato spoons

We try three kinds of sugar, the key to gelato’s smooth texture. We learn that gelato differs from ice cream because it has less air, less fat. Then we make two batches ourselves, strawberry and Nutella-vanilla. No classroom experience has ever been so sweet.

Gelato eaters

Carpigiani Gelato University and Museum, just outside Bologna, is open by appointment only. Certificate programs are also available to aspiring gelato pros. Brilliant.

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