Gorgonzola Pairings

So many people have a thing against blues. It’s all I can do to bite my tongue when I find myself behind a blue hater in the cheese line. Over the holidays, it almost got ugly. I had to compensate by asking to sample as many blues as possible, then purring over every moldy slab. “Just look at these gorgeous indigo crevices,” I’d coo. “I do love fuzzy penicillium roquefortiDo you have any wheels with more mold?”

Blues bring out my claws.

In February, I racked up so many blues, I had to throw a party. I invited half a dozen mold-loving guests and asked them to bring a few stouts and porters. Then I ravaged my cabinets for pairings. It’s amazing how many things pair with blue cheese — from dark chocolate to pistachios to berries and biscotti.

I especially love serving blue cheese with whole honeycomb — something about that waxy comb reminds me of taffy, and it adds just the right amount of chew to a real gooey Gorg Dolce. Curious about the three blue bombshells on this plate? You should be. I just wrote about them on Table Matters.

Take a gander, won’t you? Then, tune in tomorrow for a special giveaway from Sucré, a New Orleans outfit specializing in chocolate and candied pecans. They pair perfectly with, well, I don’t have to tell you what.


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  1. Lakisha says:

    I am a fan of blues and look for new ones to try. I’ll be at the cheese shop in Princeton this Friday to see what I can bring home. Saint Agur and Birchrun Blue are two of my favorites.

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