Guava, Twitter, and Diner’s Journal

When I posted about pairing guava and cheddar, I never expected to get an email from Brazilian cheese blogger Renata Curzi. Renata let me know — in the kindest way — that pairing guava with cheese is old school. I’m just late to the game. Renata told me she had a surprise, and three days later she baked a guava cheesecake for me on her site, O Quê do Queijo. Savvy creature, she pulled our worlds together with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Meanwhile, Robin Shreeves heard this go down on Twitter, and she popped onto Renata’s site. Robin spied a recipe Renata made using bananas and Parmigiano, and that made Robin’s head spin, so she made the recipe that day and posted it on her site, South Jersey Locavore.

Sometimes the cheese world fits on the head of a pin.

Let’s not stop spinning. Remember that From Zingerman’s With Love post? Well, I heard from Chad Hayes — he’s the Zingerman’s cheesemonger who cut all the hunks that made it from Michigan to my house. Turns out Chad has a cheese blog. It’s called Cheese Trippin’.

After I ran the Zingerman’s post showcasing Chad’s selections, Jeff Gordinier of The New York Times caught a whiff and highlighted on Diner’s Journal.

Oh, it all comes ’round.

The cheese world is an impossibly strange circle.

Photo used with permission, by Renata Curzi

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4 Responses to “Guava, Twitter, and Diner’s Journal”
  1. Renata Curzi says:

    That’s because cheeselovers are peas from the same pod. I didn’t bring to your attention, but our blog is written by me and Carla Reis, and she’s the one who prepared the banana and parmigiano recipe. She speaks french, so I’m in charge of replying comments in english.

    • tdarlington says:

      Ah, yes, I saw Carla’s name in your “About” section. Say bonjour to her from me. I didn’t mean to exclude her!

  2. kcarlareis says:

    Hi , Tenaya!
    That´s cheese bringing people.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  3. I love the idea of banana and parmesan – I always loved jam and cheese sandwiches when I was a kid. The great cheese and sweet combination. Must give it a try.

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