Images From An Italian Food Tour

A Caprese Salad in Venice

Oh, loved ones, it’s been too long! I left for Italy on May 2 with every intention of writing posts along the way — I took my camera, my ipad. But, oh…then I got lost in cheese. In Venice, there was buffalo mozzarella to eat, sliced, with fresh produce from the Rialto Market. In Verona, there was a traveling cheese cart to investigate. And in Bologna, well, I just couldn’t stop eating Pecorino drizzled with truffle honey.

It was lucky that I had some serious nibblers with me.

Twenty-two students joined me from Saint Joseph’s University. Twenty-one Food Marketing majors. One English major. Call it a “Grand Tour” of the specialty foods industry.Ashley Loving a Cheese Sample

Parmigiano. Prosciutto. Balsamic. We set off across northern Italy, eating our way from Venice to Milan. It was twelve days of feasting, sometimes in hotel rooms. (It rained a lot.)Parm and BalsamicoHotel Room cheese partyIn each city, we met with guides to learn about local cuisine, then found our way to the homes and businesses of local producers. My friends at Di Bruno Bros. helped us with a few contacts so we were able to peer into cheese caves and traipse through curing rooms, like this one at Greci e Folzani Salumi in Parma.

Paolo Folzani, the family prosciutto master, gave us the tour himself.

Prosciutto curing room in Parma

Outside Modena, we met kind Mr. Bellei, an 88-year-old figurehead within the balsamic industry.

Mr. Bellei pouring samples

We even went to Gelato University.

The students learned to make strawberry sorbet and vanilla gelato with Nutella.

Carpigiano GelatoGelato University

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post about each stop. But I couldn’t resist reaching through my jet lag to show you a few images.

It was a spectacular trip. Between the beautiful cheeses and the stunning churches, I feel renewed.

A Ceiling in BolognaCheese display in Bologna


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  1. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about this trip! It sounds beyond amazing.
    Very curious about the balsamic info you got! That is one of the most intriguing ferments I know of!

    Welcome home!

  2. Joe Ulrich says:

    Madame, welcome back! Great pics and writing of course! See you soon!

  3. Aimee Knight says:

    Mme, what an amazing experience for all involved. I love seeing our student’s horizons expanded by their travels. And they were so so lucky to have you for a guide!

  4. Lakisha says:

    Very Awesome!

  5. Lakisha says:

    I went on a Prosecco and cheese bender when I came back.

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