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House of Cheese in Chalk

I’ve been meaning to tell you about New York — about a tasting party in the West Village and about some of my favorite cheese bloggers who appeared in the flesh. The thing is, after finishing the book and seeing it into the world, I find myself with a lot less time in the evenings to hop online and put up a post. So, forgive me. I am going to tell you about the weekend before last, which already feels like a bygone era. But the memory is too lovely to not to share.

Table at The Venue

It was the day of the Pride Parade. The West Village was full of men in wigs and women in fabulous hats. It also happened to be the day of our book party at The Venue, an airy spot that Chef Joey Campanaro uses for parties around the corner from his popular restaurant The Little Owl. Joey had the place looking fabulous — there were fresh flowers on the table, a guy named August was spinning old vinyl, and I was all set to serve the cheese paparazzi.

Cheese paparazzi

Don’t tell me you don’t know about the cheese paparazzi!

Look at some of these people; they appear normal, but they are fanatics when it comes to delving into dairy. They are the kind of folk who will crawl through two hours of traffic in a taxi on the day of the New York Pride Parade. Did I mention the throngs of people in the West Village that day? Did I mention that our book party was right there, a block from the parade? As I unwrapped triple crèmes, I watched a threesome on dog leashes pass by the window.

Oh, just a typical book party in New York...

Oh, just a typical book party in New York…

It was a moment in cheese history.

The party started late, but no one complained. There were ten cheeses to taste, and there were candles on the table. It was like a garden wedding. It was all I could do not to fling open the doors and invite in the go-go dancers, but I didn’t. The cheese paparazzi are enough go-go for one room.

House of Cheese Book Parties

I won’t go on and on about the cheeses because, although they were stunning and sensuous, the paparazzi already did my job. At the bottom of this post, you can read their accounts and see their photos from the party. And you can imagine the sound of seventeen cheese fiends chewing and moaning and snapping photos. It was a glorious, glorious day.

Fellow Cheese Bloggers: Madame F. with Christine of Cognitive Leeks, Colleen of Cheese and Champagne, Matt of Cheese Notes

Fellow Cheese Bloggers: Madame F. with Christine of Cognitive Leeks, Colleen of Cheese and Champagne, Matt of Cheese Notes

A big thanks to everyone who braved the heat and the honking of horns and the long cab rides for the love of cheese! And a big thanks to everyone from The Little Owl for making this a great day, especially Joey Campanaro who danced with me when it looked like the party might just be a waltz for two…

Dancing with Joey C

Party Posts by the Cheese Paparazzi

Food Republic

Hats off to Amanda Minoff, who did not mind my use of the word “placental” in reference to burrata.

Cheese Notes

As always, Matt Spiegler proves himself to be detailed and exacting, even after a martini and too much Moliterno.

NYC Tastes

The secret being who goes by “Tastytrekker” on Twitter fell hard for Tuma Persa. Of course, it’s the perfect cheese for secret beings.

Cognitive Leeks

Cheesemonger and writer Christine Berardi posted the menu and some blue cheese photos that are very voluptuous.


Many thanks to Colleen Levine of Cheese and Champagne for the use of the group photo in this post.


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