My Dream Cheesemaker Dinner

Giorgio Cravero

Do you know this man? His name is Giorgio Cravero, and he is coming to dinner. His family in Bra ages the Cravero Parmigiano that I am always raving about on this blog. (I love to used the rinds to make soup stock.)

Parm bone in soup

How about this Cheddar made by the one and only James Montgomery? Well, he’s coming to dinner, too. You heard me right. THE James Montgomery — the guy who makes award-winning clothbound Cheddar in Somerset, England (at least one cheesemonger in Philadelphia has a first-born son named after this man).

Montgomery's Cheddar label

In fact, the line-up of cheesemakers coming to eat dinner in Philadelphia this Wednesday is a little sick. I’ll be there. My loves, I will be in my glory! Come join me and the folks at Di Bruno Bros. on Chestnut for what just may be the best dairy-filled night of our rind-lovin’ lives.

Five cheesemakers +  five courses = 1 hot ticket to glory

For tickets, click here. It all takes place on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at Di Bruno Bros. on Chestnut St. Tickets are $100; all monies go to The Daphne Zepos Fund. Plus, you get a copy of our new cheese book.

For more details, check out this post by cheesemonger Hunter Fike, who happens to be a recent father of a son with the initials “J.M.”

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4 Responses to “My Dream Cheesemaker Dinner”
  1. Sonja Darlington says:

    I’d love to come Madame Fomage, but I am a long, long day’s drive from Philly. Do tell in your ever so descriptive words of the event in detail. For those of us not in town, the delicious description will have to do–so, don’t spare the adjectives, nouns and edible-like verbs and vocabulary.

  2. mike says:

    Im SO disappointed to not meet these guys, who are heroes of mine too! I cant believe I’ve painted cheeses by each of them and I’ll be in the UK on vacation when this happens!!!! haha. Oh well, will at least stop in at Neil’s Yard to get some great cheese for my London stay.

  3. Aunt Dawnie says:

    I do believe, to a great extent, people live the life they choose; and you, Madame Fromage, are choosing most excellently! Quelle joyeuses!

  4. webhill says:

    argh! sold out already!!!

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