Not Just Another Gouda

Remeker Pure with Clarified Butter

A few weeks ago, I got an email from my cheesemonger friend, Hunter, that began like this: Have you had Remeker Pure Yet? If not, you should stop whatever you are doing….

Hunter Fike is the cheesemonger who wrote the “Cheesemonger Notes” in my cheese book, so when he tells me to stop the world for a hunk, I have to comply. I called the Chestnut Street Di Bruno Bros. and put half a pound on hold. “Don’t sell it to anyone but me!” I pleaded with Rich, the cave manager. There was half a wheel left, and he said it was going fast.

Remeker Pure is the subject of my blog post for Di Bruno Bros. this week, which you can read here.

But I also want you to take a close look at Remeker Pure — it’s not just “another Gouda.” It’s been rubbed with clarified butter instead of dipped in wax — like most Goudas. If you look at the photo below, where Remeker Pure poses smoothly next to a wax figure (Beemster Graskaas), you can see the difference in texture. Remeker Pure is like a buttery Gouda lozenge.

Remeker Pure vs Age Gouda


Disclosure: I freelance for Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia’s oldest and largest cheese counter. I write for their blog twice a month — I select the subjects myself — and am compensated for my work, which is how I fund my dairy habit.


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3 Responses to “Not Just Another Gouda”
  1. joris says:

    Nice to see that our cheese made it all the way to Philly. We cannot access the Dibruno’s blog. Could you mail it to us at

  2. Hunter says:

    It is always an honor to make your blog, Tenaya. Glad the suggestion proved worthwhile!

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