Spring Salad with Bonne Bouche

As I child, I loved Bonne Belle Lip Smacker, as an adult I love Bonne Bouche (bonnie boosh!). Its surface looks like a chinchilla throw, and its texture is cutlet-like — dense, meaty. This is no airy fairy goat cheese. In fact, as I was walking through the sleet on Saturday, I had this cutletty craving (probably because I keep reading about veal cutlets in Italian travel books) and I boomed through my front door and cleaved a Bonne Bouche in half without even taking my boots off.

Carving Bonne Bouche is like cutting into an avocado — I don’t want you to think it’s thready like chicken, because it’s not. It’s like pressed wet snow, and then it melts on your tongue and coats your whole mouth, turning it into a chèvre igloo. I sound like I am dreaming this up, but I am sitting here, reader, typing and eating as I so often do. And I tell  you, I am experiencing the kind of plushness no sofa can offer.

Bonne Bouche is spun by the hands of Allison Hooper of Vermont Buter and Cheese Creamery. I’ve never met Allison, but I admire her — her cheeses are flawless, and even the way she packs them is flawless. Each one comes in its own little crate, like a Pound Puppy.

She was kind enough to send me some of her cheeses a few weeks ago, and I have been ripening them in my crisper drawer, waiting for them to soften just slightly at their centers before I cut into them. Of course, I have gone crazy photographing them — those wrinkly geotricum rinds are so adorable. You will see more images soon. Know that Bonne Bouche is my screen saver. It always makes me a little breathless to flip open my laptop and see it lazing behind my files.

Spring Salad with Bonne Bouche

This is not an exacting recipe. It does help to slice everything very, very thin so that the cheese is not in conflict with meteoric shapes. Don’t go too heavy on the orange; it should add a cleansing note but not dominate. Serve this as an appetizer or light lunch, alongside baguette or sturdy crackers. A wheat beer or glass of Vhino Verde would not be out of place.

Spring greens

Clementine, peeled and sliced

Daikon, peeled and sliced

Avocado, slivered and rubbed with lemon

Lemon juice

Extra irgin olive oil

Bonne Bouche

Fresh thyme, minced sallions, parsley

1. Layer the greens, radish slices, and Clementine. Then add strips of avocado as if they were sardines.

2. Dress the salad with lemon and olive oil. No need to mix it in advance. Just drizzle a couple tablespoons of oil, followed by a good sqeeze of lemon. You can add a bit of salt, but I didn’t find it necessary.

3. Crown your thorns with a fat slice of Bonne Bouche, then garnish with fresh herbs.



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  1. mike geno says:

    stunning photos madame!

  2. What a beautiful and very seasonal salad! I’m always looking for a new goat cheese and this looks divine. Can’t wait to give it a try…

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