The Cheese and Tea Pairing Project

Chai and Anton's 3

My friend Alexis Siemons of Teaspoons & Petals develops tea blends and hosts tastings around Philadelphia. When I met her, I was so curious about the possibility of pairing tea with cheese — think of the times when you’ve got a non-drinker at the table or you just don’t feel up to a glass of sherry on a school night (as if that’s a real problem, but let’s imagine).

Tea has surprised me as a cheese mate: a delicate Sencha will match the grassy notes in young goat cheese. And a tannic black tea can purr against a dense cow’s milk creamy, like a medium Cheddar.

For the holidays, Alexis and I teamed up to pair three cheeses from Di Bruno Bros. with three teas from Premium Steap that would be appropriate for the season. Click over to the Di Bruno blog to see leafy matches for Reading Raclette, Testun Malto d’Orzo, and Anton’s Peppered Ass.

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