Three Stars from Neal’s Yard

You know how I feel about rinds. Take a moment to admire the coats on these three British royals — Montgomery’s Cheddar, Gorwydd Caerphilly, and Berkswell. To me, their moldy jackets are far more interesting than anything at Fashion Week. Thank Neal’s Yard Dairy, Britain’s premier aging house. Their affineurs are like tailors for cheese — they trim and treat each wheel with such finesse.

I’m highlighting these three bobs today because it’s all Flower Show here in Philly, and the theme is British posh. What’s posher than two natural rinds and a cake slice of beautiful surface mold? Trot over to the Di Bruno Bros. blog and read the full post (the pairings for these beauties are sickeningly gorgeous), or better yet, shamble over to the Flower Show, where you’ll find a burly crew of Di Bruno mongers slinging British cheese.

Yesterday, they were sampling Stilton — digging out spoonfuls right out of the rind. I could have wept.

Disclosure: Twice a month, I write a post for Di Bruno Bros, one of my fave cheese haunts in Philly. I’m paid for these nibbles and scribbles, which is how I support my obsession.


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