Truffle Tremor for Brunch

Truffle Tremor Tableau

Call me old fashioned: on the weekends I still like to read The New York Times. A paper copy. When it lands on the stoop, I fly out of bed and down the stairs. If there is a whisper of cheese in the crisper, that comes out, too. Then it’s off to the patio for a private brunch, all cheese and ink and birds.

Yesterday, I brought Truffle Tremor.

Truffle Tremor Slice

Imagine a frittata of clouds. Truffle Tremor has the airy quality of whipped cream cheese, but it’s made from goat’s milk so it has a true feeling of lightness. (I bearly knew I was off my pillowtop and on the patio.) As it ripens, it “melts” a little under the rind, forming a sumptuous creamy layer. Flecks of black truffle add earthy fragrance, an understated taste of musky ‘shroom.

A friend of mine once said, “Eating Truffle Tremor is like kissing a man with stubble.” So there’s that — it all depends on how you want to wake up and greet the morning. To me, every bite of cheese is a kiss.

Truffle Tremor Bagel

Suggestions for a Truffle Tremor Brunch

Toast some sesame and everything bagels.

Set out wildflower honey (any light-colored shade will do).

Cut a slab of Truffle Tremor and let it relax while you make tea or coffee.

Serve stone fruit, blackberries, or blueberries.

Eat and read the paper until noon.Truffle Tremor on Patio

Finding: Truffle Tremor is produced by Cypress Grove in California, makers of the iconic Humboldt Fog. Look for TT at reputable cheese counters — I have seen it at Whole Foods and Wegmans. You can also order it online from Cypress Grove.

Pairing: A mimosa would be most appropriate with Truffle Tremor for brunch. Later in the day, plain ol’ Prosecco or a crisp white. If the cheese is very ripe, lean on something sweeter, like a Chenin Blanc. Wheat beers love goat cheese. So does fresh veg (celery, cuke) and almonds or walnuts.


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  1. Oh Madame! Am going to Whole Foods and Bagels Forever toute suite!

  2. George Brotherston says:

    Love your post, you totally set the ambience complete with serving ideas!

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