Cheese Photography: My Prop Drawer

Several times a week, I tear my kitchen apart to photograph cheese. When I started this blog in 2009, I didn’t even own a camera, but over the years I’ve enjoyed not just nibbling hunks, but learning how to pose and snap them. As you can see, my kitchen is the color of a washed […]

Feb. 4 Cheese Dinner at High Street

It’s hard to believe the Cheese Ball was a week ago. Needless to say, I’ve been in reboot mode — sending out thank-yous, bundling up decorations. But I’ve also been working on some new spring projects, including a few collaborations. The first? A cheese-themed dinner at High Street on Market. If you happen to follow […]

Scenes from the Cheese Ball

Today, I am gushing. Not milk, but gratitude. Last night’s Cheese Ball and Cave Raising┬ápulled together $5,000 of seed money for Birchrun Hills Farm to build a cheese cave. This little box, which I decorated last week and posted on Instagram, was filled to the brim. That’s thanks to 370 cheese lovers from across Philadelphia […]

The Cheese Ball Auction

Darlings, the Cheese Ball has attracted so many incredible donations that we’re planning an auction on Saturday night at 10 p.m. If you’re coming to the party, check out the list below for a chance to bid on baskets, tastings, and cooking classes around Philadelphia. (We’ll also be raffling off some free stuff earlier in […]

What To Wear To A Cheese Ball

With Cheese Ball II just days away, the dairy set on social media has been chatting outfits. Since so many people have emailed about appropriate attire, I thought I’d pull together a quick post with some choice fashion selections from the last Cheese Ball, back in January 2012. Of course, you’re welcome to wear a […]